About Us

Wax That Asset was created by two cousins pursuing their passion for cars and making them shine. Together, we have spent many years detailing vehicles and have just recently started providing our services to the public. As a team, we pay close attention to detail and treat every vehicle as if it was our own! With respect and honesty, we treat every customer like family and we will never sell services that you don’t need! See the difference that passion, enthusiasm and love of cars makes when you consider your next auto detail!

All of the products that are used are certified and tested. We would never put anything on your car that we wouldn’t put on our own cars and we expect nothing less than complete satisfaction. Let us know how Wax That Asset can assist you in caring for, and loving your “Asset!”


Owner & Detailer

Some people like sports, hunting, or other hobbies, I LIKE CARS. As far back as I can remember I have enjoyed reading about cars, helping to repair or modify cars, or just admiring a car. As a young child I remember my dad having a “hotrod” and going for rides. Then my Grandfather built a 1955 Ford F-100 and from there my love for Fords was founded. My grandfather and I would attend the Good Guys car show in Scottsdale twice a year where I would help wax and polish to keep it looking shiny. Working alongside my role models and my local race car driver I was taught to do it right the 1st time and pay attention to the DETAILS. I take pride in making every car I touch look better!


Owner & Detailer

My first love was a 1974 Ford F-100 that was gifted to me by grandfather. My grandfather and I share a special bond, and this truck is a sentiment to that! As a teen, I continued to follow my passion for cars when I was hired to my first job as a shop hand at a local mechanic shop. I moved on to working at a local full-service car wash where I started my detailing journey; learning the techniques and mastering the skills involving the proper care of cars. I quickly became obsessed! Even after leaving the car wash, I still continued to wash and maintain my family vehicles as what was once a job has turned into a way of life. Now, here I am with new skills and better techniques- ready to make each person’s vehicle something they are proud to drive again!